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Case Study

Roller Gates & Wye Line Diverter Handling Corn Meal & Soy Meal

Food flavorings manufacturer
Convey various grain meals out of storage silos. Each silo is equipped with a screw conveyor. At the end of each conveyor run, the grain meals are discharged into a common vacuum transport system.


The client required slide gates to isolate the screw conveyor from the vacuum transport system (Photo A). Once the proper batch size is met for each product run, the slide gate is closed to shut off material discharge into the vacuum transport system. The Vortex Roller Gate was identified as the ideal solution for this application.

Within the vacuum transport system, a Vortex Wye Line Diverter is used as a vacuum breaker for the positive displacement blower system (Photo B). Instead of using a standard vacuum breaker, the Wye Line Diverter is simply shifted. This process is reliable and much easier than with a standard vacuum breaker.

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