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Pivoting Chute

The Vortex® Pivoting Chute Diverter™ offers in-line maintenance features, durable materials of construction, reduced downtime, prolonged service life and many other significant advantages over flap diverters and bucket diverters.

Ideal application: Used to divert heavy-duty and/or abrasive dry bulk solid materials from one source toward two or three destinations in gravity-fed applications.

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Key Features

  • Can be used to split flow

  • Removable access panel for in-line inspection and maintenance

  • Inlet chute to better direct material flow through the pivoting chute

  • Unobstructed chutes for unrestricted material movement

  • Replaceable parts to prolong service life

  • Replaceable wear and containment bar protects against abrasion and hinders material migration into the opposite outlet chute(s)

  • No pinch points or exposed moving point for safety

  • No internal cavities to prevent wedging, lodging & spoilage

  • Designed for wear and abrasion resistance

Can be used to split flow
Removable access panel for in-line inspection and maintenance
Assist bars for bucket removal and in-line maintenance

Tech Specs

Model No.


Conveyance Type

Gravity flow only

Materials Handled

Heavy-duty and/or abrasive dry bulk solid materials

Standard Sizes

6 – 24 in | 150 – 600 mm
Contact us for custom sizes

Inlet & Outlets

Available in square or rectangular sizes. Round transition options are available

Overall Height

29 1/2 – 80 in | 750 – 2,030 mm


425 – 3,600 lb | 195 – 1,635 kg

Outlet Angle Options

30° or 45° from center
Contact us for custom angles

Flange Options

Standard flange, ANSI #125/150, DIN PN10
Custom flanges are available

Material Temperatures

Up to 400°F | 205°C

Body/Frame Construction

Carbon steel

Chute Options

400 BHN abrasion-resistant steel, chromium carbide

Material Contact Options

400 BHN abrasion-resistant steel, chromium carbide

Linear Options

400 BHN abrasion-resistant steel, chromium carbide


Double-acting air cylinder, electric actuator

Position Confirmation

Magnetic reed or proximity switches

Other Options

Spin knobs


ATEX Zone 20 (internal), ATEX Zone 21 (external), FDA



Modifications are made allowing 550° F (287 C) continuous to 600° F (315 C) intermittent service.

*Additional modifications available based on application.


Power of Comparison

Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter vs. Alternatives

•Many alternative gravity-fed diverters have sealed bodies, which limits interior access. In order to perform inspection and/or maintenance, the diverter must be removed from the process line so that its internal mechanisms can be accessed. This can lead to expensive and extensive production downtime. To allow in-line inspection and/or maintenance, the Vortex® Pivoting Chute Diverter™ is designed with a removable access panel that can be removed using simple tools. This feature is especially beneficial in abrasive applications where frequent interior access is required for wear part maintenance. The removable access panel feature significantly reduces downtime by accelerating the maintenance process.

•Many alternative gravity-fed diverters are constructed from less durable metal materials of construction. When handling heavy-duty and/or abrasive dry bulk solid materials, rapid wear and abrasion will result in frequent maintenance and diverter replacement. To address this concern, the body of the Pivoting Chute Diverter is constructed from carbon steel. For added protection, the Pivoting Chute Diverter features replaceable abrasion-resistant wetted parts. By using abrasion-resistant wetted parts, it ensures materials are abrading upon replaceable parts, rather than wearing the underlying material contact areas. The addition of abrasion-resistant wetted parts significantly prolongs a diverter’s service life.

•Many alternative gravity-fed diverters are designed with irreplaceable wetted parts. Once a primary wetted part is worn significantly, the entire diverter must be replaced. To resolve this cost-eectiveness issue, the Pivoting Chute Diverter is designed with replaceable wetted parts that can be accessed in-line. This includes actuator, pivoting chute, inlet chute, wear and containment bar, and the abrasion-resistant liners, among others. If maintained and operated as recommended, these should be the diverter's only wear parts. In several cases,this has allowed a Pivoting Chute Diverter to remain in service for many years – and sometimes, even decades.

•Flap diverters should not be shifted through a flowing column of material. Doing so can damage the blade and blade shaft. Instead, it is recommended to shut off material flow before shifting the flapper blade. To do so often requires an additional isolation gate above the diverter valve. Oppositely, the Pivoting Chute Diverter is designed to “pivot” so that it can direct materials toward many destinations without significantly altering the flow path. When handling smaller-size materials, this allows the Pivoting Chute Diverter to be shifted through a flowing column of material. When handling larger-size materials, an isolation gate would still be necessary – or the diverter must be between runs – before shifting the Pivoting Chute Diverter’s “pivoting” chute. Contact us to discuss further recommendations.

•Because the flapper blade and seals would be directly exposed to wear and abrasion fromthe material flow stream, flap diverters should not be used to split flow. The Pivoting Chute Diverter is compatible with Vortex’s many material flow control assemblies, to accommodate blade actuation into several intermediate positions. This allows total flow control toward a single destination, or split flow toward two destinations.

•For larger valve sizes, the Pivoting Chute Diverter can be modified to accommodate optional chute removal assist rods. These allow the heavy chutes to be slid out of the valve for easier handling during inspection, maintenance or replacement. If this option is selected, the chute removal assist rods will come factory supplied.

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