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Each year, Vortex commits significant financial support through a variety of corporate giving initiatives that positively impact the communities where we live and work. In addition to financial support, our employees participate in several company-sponsored events that provide food, toys, and clothing to those in need throughout the communities we serve.


Vortex provides contributions only to registered nonprofit, nongovernmental, civic or education organizations that comply with local tax laws. Those organizations, programs or projects must also demonstrate leadership, evidence of impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success.

The organization, program or project must:

  • Align with Vortex’s corporate responsibility and business priorities.
  • Serve communities in which Vortex has a business presence.
  • Engage Vortex employees and leverage their expertise.
  • Address long-term solutions to issues.
  • Have clear objectives, indicators of success, and a plan to measure and report on outcomes.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration (e.g. government, civil society or other industry partners working on similar issues).

Vortex does NOT typically support:

  • Organizations without 501c3 status (or the equivalent in-country charitable status).
  • Capital campaigns, capital expenditures and/or endowment campaigns.
  • General and/or ongoing operational support.
  • Religious groups for religious purposes.
  • Lobbying or political organizations for political purposes.
  • Athletic programs and/or sporting events.
  • Disease-related causes and/or research.
  • Individuals or individual needs.
  • Advertising, publications, films or television production or programming.
  • Sponsorships, fundraisers and/or special events.

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