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Aero-Slide Gate Valve

The Vortex® Aero-Slide™ Gate Valve is specifically designed to be used in tandem with the Vortex® Aero-Slide™ Conveyor. Designed much like a conventional Vortex roller-supported slide gate, the Aero-Slide Gate Valve features a vertical-mounted blade with a downward closing stroke.While the Aero-Slide Gate Valve can be used for metering, it is primarily intended to shut-off material flow.

Ideal application: Depending on application, the Aero-Slide Gate Valve can either be installed within the convey line or beneath the silo discharge, at the Aero-Slide Conveyor’s inlet.

Key Features

  • Narrow profile for limited space installations

  • Primarily designed for material shut-off

  • Common materials handled: cement & fly ash

  • Specifically designed for use with the Vortex® Aero-Slide™ Conveyor

  • Optional return pan or air purge assembly to prevent material accumulation in the bonnet area

Tech Specs

Conveyance Type

Low pressure, air-gravity conveyance only

Materials Handled

Lightweight, fluidizable dry bulk solid powders

Standard Sizes

6 – 16 in | 150 – 400mm (even sizes standard)


Available in square or rectangular sizes

Material Temperatures

180°F | 80°C for standard valve

Body/Frame Options

Carbon steel

Material Contact Options

Carbon steel

Seal Material Options

PET, rubber, EPDM, and Teflon-coated yarn

Blade Roller Options

Heat-treated steel


No standard modifications


Double-acting air cylinder, linear action electric actuator, and hand crank

Position Confirmation

Magnetic reed and proximity

Material Flow Controls


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