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Case Study

Vortex Aeration Systems Assist at Rail Terminal

Rail Terminal, Southwest US
16” (406 mm)
Vortex Aero-Slide™ Conveyors offer many advantages for transporting lighter, dry bulk material. These advantages include: infinite length, dust tight to atmosphere, no moving parts, subdued noise, cost effective energy consumption, simple installation and maintenance expense savings


This Vortex Aero-Slide Conveyor is equipped with a manually operated Vortex Aero-Slide Drum Valve (maintenance valve), a pneumatically operated Vortex Aero-Slide Drum Valve (material flow control valve), and a Vortex Aero-Slide Gate Valve(shut off valve).

The Vortex Aero-Slide Drum Valve features a rotating, cylindrical-shaped blade that incorporates a parabolic curve opening for more precise metering of material.

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