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Loading System

When loading dry bulk solid materials, load out safety and efficiency are primary concerns. For optimal performance and safety, the Vortex Automated Loading System (VALS) can be integrated with the Vortex In-line Filter, Dual Axis Positioner, and Loading spout (Loading Chute). With the Vortex Automated Loading System, you are sure to set a new standard of Safety and Performance at your facility.

Ideal application: Loading dry bulk solid materials like cement into enclosed trucks with a hatch.

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If you can hit the scale.
We can hit the hatch.

Safety, Labor, & Efficiency

Loading dry bulk solids into trucks with hatches involves a combination of labor and personnel safety challenges that must be effectively managed to ensure efficient and secure operations. A primary labor and safety concern is the coordination between spout operators and truck drivers, as miscommunication can lead to errors and potential accidents.  Manual handling of the loading spout, alignment with the truck hatch, and monitoring material flow requires skilled labor and constant attention. In terms of safety, controlling dust emissions is crucial to protect workers' respiratory health and maintain environmental compliance. Another safety challenge is preventing material spillage during loading, which can create slippery surfaces and increase accident likelihood. Employing level-sensing devices and ensuring proper alignment can minimize spillage and enhance safety. By addressing these labor and safety challenges, companies can optimize the loading process for dry bulk solids while maintaining a safe work environment.

Vortex Automated Loading System (VALS)

Introducing the Vortex Automated Loading System (VALS).  A new Vortex solution designed to optimize loading operations for dry bulk solids. Combining the robust capabilities of Vortex Loading Spouts, In-line Filters, and Positioners, this innovative system streamlines the loading process, minimizes material spillage, effectively controls dust emissions, and enhances overall operational efficiency. The primary purpose of the Vortex Automated Loading System is to facilitate the efficient and precise loading of dry bulk materials into hatches on trucks. The system operates through the seamless integration of three core components: Vortex Loading Spouts, In-line Filters, and Positioners. These components work together to provide a clean, accurate, and reliable loading solution that meets the highest industry standards for safety and performance.

System Overview

The system operates through the seamless integration of a few core components: Vortex camera and PLC system, Vortex Loading Spouts, In-line Filters, and Positioners. These components work together to provide a clean, accurate, and reliable loading solution that meets the highest industry standards for safety and performance.

  • Driver initiated loading without exiting vehicle

  • Reduces human error

  • Can be integrated with site specific software

  • Works in wide range of lighting and weather conditions

  • Works in conjunction with other Vortex Loading Solutions

R.I.S.E. with Vortex

Reliability - VALS works in a variety of lighting and weather conditions.  

Integration - VALS is capable of being integrated with most site-specific software. Vortex technical support is available during installation & startup.  

Safety - VALS eliminates the need for physical interaction between employees and equipment during the load out process thus decreasing the chance for safety related incidents. Truck drivers can remain within their vehicles on the scale while VALS quickly goes to work loading the material.  

Ease - VALS reduces the need for multiple employees to be present for material loadout. Labor availability and costs are no longer a concern with VALS. Also, the reduction of employee involvement means fewer chances for human error and a more streamlined loading process.

Loading Sequence

  1. Driver scans badge or enters info

  2. Truck enters scale target zone

  3. Scale weight triggers system to initiate

  4. Camera system locates hatch

  5. Positioner moves the spout into position

  6. Spout lowers and seats into hatch

  7. Loading begins

  8. Once loading is complete spout raises

Camera & PLC System

The Vortex Camera system along with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)locates the hatch and controls the Vortex Positioner and Loading spout to properly seat into the vessel hatch that the material is being loaded into. With the VALS system your company will see more consistent load times as it is being controlled by the PLC instead of human interface. The PLC is programmed to load each container in a consistent manner. This ensures each time the system is triggered to load it goes through the same process without receiving any distractions(phone calls, etc.) that would typically be part of a manned operation.

Compatible Loading Components

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