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Multi-Port Diverter

Vortex® Multi-Port Diverters™ are multi-directional assemblies used to divert and/or converge from many sources toward many destinations. Though Multi-Port Diverters are often designed for dilute phase and vacuum conveying applications, they may also be configured for use in gravity flow applications.

Ideal application: Multi-Port Diverters typically replace manually operated, labor-intensive hose manifold stations. Because the Multi-Port Diverter is an automated solution, it provides improved processing speeds, reduced risk of workplace injury and human error, and more efficient use of plant personnel. Because Multi-Port Diverters are also more compact than hose manifold stations, they further provide a reduction in footprint to make more efficient use of manufacturing space.

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Vortex Multiport Diverter

Key Features

  • Can be shifted on flowing column of materials - also known as "shifting on the fly". Note: Please consult an application engineer before doing do.

  • Constructed from specialized metals and polymers for application-specific durability

  • For pneumatic conveying applications, horizontal or vertical orientation

  • Maintains convey line pressures in pneumatic conveying applications

  • Unobstructed material flow

  • Addresses material cross-contamination

  • Optional PLC operation for “point and click”processing

  • Closed system, for conveying efficiency and waste reduction

  • Factory supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-install

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