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Angel Hair Trap

The Vortex® Angel Hair Trap is designed for use in the plastic industry to capture long, thin strands of plastic material that form during processing. These strands, also known as "angel hair," "streamers," or "snake skins," can cause several problems in plastic production. Angel Hair Traps are a valuable tool for plastic manufacturers looking to improve production efficiency, protect equipment, and ensure the quality of their final products.

Ideal application: These in-line traps are installed directly in the material flow stream where plastic pellets are being pneumatically conveyed.

Common Issues

  • Clogging filters and processing lines: Angel hair can easily tangle and clog filters, screens, and other equipment, leading to production downtime and increased maintenance costs.

  • Reducing material flow rates: The presence of angel hair can restrict the flow of plastic material through pipes and machinery, reducing production efficiency.

  • Contaminating final products: If angel hair is not removed before the final product is formed, it can appear as visible defects in the finished plastic.

Key Features

  • Prevents production problems: By capturing angel hair before it can cause issues, these traps help to ensure smooth operation of plastic processing equipment and improve overall production efficiency.

  • Protects equipment: Angel hair traps can help to extend the lifespan of filters, screens, and other equipment by preventing them from becoming clogged and damaged.

  • Improves product quality: By removing angel hair from the material stream, these traps help to ensure that the final plastic product is free of defects and meets quality standards.

  • Easy to install and maintain: Angel hair traps are relatively simple to install and maintain while in-linet, making them a cost-effective solution for plastic manufacturers.

Hinged spin knob design for quick in-line cover removal and cleaning
Options for screen sizes and patterns available
Clear viewing window to allow for easy visual inspection

Tech Specs

Model No.


Conveyance Type


Materials Handled

Plastic pellets

Standard Sizes

8 – 18 in | 200 – 455 mm

Overall Height

10 3/4 - 23 1/2 in | 273 - 597 mm


22 – 100 lb | 10 – 45 kg

Connection Options

Compression couplings
Custom options available by request


Consult a Vortex Application Engineer

Body/Frame Options

Stainless steel

Screen Options

Hexagonal, Diamond
Custom options available upon request

Cover Construction

Stainless / Clear Polycarbonate

Convey Line Sizes

1 1/2 - 6 in Schedule 10



All stainless steel material contact components are 304 alloy.


All stainless steel material contact components are 316L alloy.


.75 in Hexagonal pattern


1.5 in Hexagonal pattern screen


.65 in X 1.5 in Diamond pattern screen


1.29 in X 3 in Diamond pattern screen


Schedule 10 pipe sizes

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