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Truck & Rail Loading

When loading dry bulk solid materials into trucks and railcars, load out speed is the primary concern. For optimal performance, the Vortex Loading Spout (also known as loading chutes) can be used in tandem with accessories specifically designed to accelerate the loading process.

Ideal application: Loading dry bulk solid materials into trucks and railcars.

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Loading Applications

Vortex Loading Spouts can be used in both open or enclosed truck or railcar loading applications

Truck & Rail Loading Components

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Key Features

  • 1. Vortex In-Line Filtration System at the material feed inlet to collect fugitive dusts by means of air withdrawal. Fugitive dusts are captured in pleated polyester filter cartridges. Throughout the loading process, automatic reverse pulse jets inject compressed air to purge the captured dusts back into the load.

  • 2. Single- and Dual-Axis Positioners to laterally move the spout. Positioners save time by allowing trucks and railcars to make approximated pulls into the loading station, rather than pulling in and out of the loading station several times before properly positioning itself beneath the spout. Instead, the spout’s position is quickly adjusted.

  • 3. Outer sleeve to contain fugitive dusts.

  • 4. Stacking, cone-in-cone spout design.

  • Open or enclosed loading capabilities.

  • 5. For enclosed loading applications, the spout's outlet scavenger "seats" into the hatch to address dusting to atmosphere. For loading slotted railcars or vehicles with non-standard hatches, optional hatch adaptors can be easily removed and interchanged.

  • For enclosed loading applications, an optional Self-Sealing Discharge seals off the outlet scavenger to prevent dusting to atmosphere between loading cycles.

  • 6. In open loading applications, a Material Level-Sensing Device complements an Auto-Raise System to automate the retraction Truck & RailLoading types:process. Throughout the loading process, the spout maintains its proximity between the point of discharge (i.e. the outlet scavenger) and the material pile – even as the pile grows. Because of the outlet scavenger’s close proximity to the material pile, dust control is enhanced. The automated retraction process also keeps the outlet scavenger from becoming buried in the material pile, which in turn prevents material build-up in the spout. In enclosed loading applications, a Material Level-Sensing Device is synchronized with a process gate or belt conveyor above to automatically halt flow once the specified load is achieved. This automates the loading process to avoid vessel overfilling and eliminate the need for visual monitoring.

  • 7. For open loading applications, a Dust Control Skirt encompasses the peak of the material pile to address dusting to atmosphere.

  • Option of installing a Vortex process gate above. When used in conjunction with a Vortex material flow control assembly, it allows metering through the spout.

  • Optional Aero-Bin Bottom. If a spout is mounted to a hopper or silo, an Aero-Bin Bottom can be installed between the hopper/silo and the spout. Its purpose is to fluidize a large area of material for easier flow.

Tech Specs

Spout Type

Stacking, cone-in-cone

Loading Type

Open and/or enclosed loading applications

Conveyance Type

Gravity drop in the presence of slight negative pressure

Material Temperatures

250°F | 120°C for standard spout, with modifications that allow up to 400°F | 205°C

Extended Travel

Spout lengths will vary, based on models and application. Contact us to discuss custom sizing options.

Overall Height (Retracted)

Overall height (retracted) will vary, based on models and application. Designed to be low profile, paying mind to clearance available overhead and extended travel required to reach the necessary vessel(s).


Standard options are available. Some Vortex Loading Spouts may require additional design considerations to ensure their success in a given application.

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