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Aero Bin Bottoms

The Vortex® Aero-Slide™ Conveyor consists of a rectangle-shaped convey line which is horizontally separated by an air-permeable, porous media to create an upper and lower chamber.

Ideal application: To encourage material flow, the Aero-Slide Conveyor is installed at a slight downward slope – typically 6-8° from horizontal. In the upper chamber, handled materials are transferred along the porous media. Through thelower chamber, a fan or blower injects low pressure, dry air – typically 1 psig | 6.9 kPa. As air is pumped into the lower chamber, it permeates upward through the porous media. When counterbalanced by gravity, the air-gravity conveyor uses physics similar to an air hockey table to fluidize/aerate handled materials as they flow downstream through the upper chamber. Once materials are transferred downstream, the excess air is vented through a system bin or filter.

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Key Features

  • Porous media is supported by a durable steel grate

  • Cleanout ports to inspect for product in the lower air chamber and maintain, if necessary. Each section of the conveyor has a cleanout port, located along the bottom of the lower air chamber

  • Rain ledge prevents precipitation from leaking into the conveyor

  • Inlet ports with ball valves to adjust the amount of air being injected into the air-gravity conveying system. Each section of the conveyor has inlet ports, located along the side of the lower air chamber

  • Several options for porous media material of construction, based on application and material characteristics

  • Viewports for in-line inspection. Each section of the conveyor has a viewport, located along the top of the upper chamber

  • Can have infinite length, depending on available head space

  • Simple installation and low maintenance requirements

  • No moving parts –for operator safety, reduced wear and prolonged service life

  • Low energy consumption using a single power source (electricity to power the fan or blower, no plant air required)

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