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Q & A with: Terry Allen, Co-Owner, Allen/Davis Technology Representatives

October 23, 2018
News & Updates

Q & A with: Terry Allen, Co-Owner, Allen/Davis Technology Representatives

October 23, 2018

Q. You mentioned you’ve represented Vortex products for nearly 25 years. In that time, what has it been like to work with Vortex? What has Allen/Davis Technology Representatives valued most about their relationship with Vortex?

Terry Allen, Co-Owner, Allen/Davis Technology Representatives

A. Of all the lines Allen/Davis represents, we are most proud of our relationship with Vortex. Over the years, it has been a joy to cultivate that relationship, co-share customer information and discuss our experiences from many years in the dry bulk solids industry. By collaborating so closely for so many years, Vortex and Allen/Davis have been able to evolve and innovate alongside one another to support growing industries; recent examples being pet food, cement and industrial sand, to name a few.

Q. Having represented Vortex products for so many years, you have seen many new products evolve and innovations be made. That said, what is your opinion of the products and services offered through Vortex?

A. In my opinion, Vortex products are benefited by the company’s rich history of consistency. Throughout time, Vortex has constantly displayed a “take charge, can-do” attitude. That mentality has created a wonderful pipeline of information sharing between Vortex and their reps working in-the-field every day. This constant stream of information sharing has allowed reps to present Vortex with customer issues and concerns, and that “can-do” attitude has led to many new product developments or existing product innovations. At the end of the day, Vortex’s “take charge, can-do” attitude is fueled by a passion to best serve end users. That is why today, many Vortex products have standard offerings, but can be readily customized for the customer’s unique application.

Q. What makes Vortex special, in comparison to the other lines Allen/Davis represents?

A. In addition to the excellent solutions Vortex offers, they set themselves apart from many in the industry with their rapid and complete responses. Vortex prides itself on turning over quotations within 24 hours of receiving a customer’s application details; and in most instances, they are able to stay true to that world. As a rep, this is greatly appreciated because it allows us to quickly follow up with our customers and make adjustments to the quotes as needed. Most importantly, Vortex’s rapid response allows our projects to continue progressing toward completion. Our colleagues at Vortex are also quick to respond to customer questions or concerns, and are always willing to provide thorough explanations on why a product is likely the ideal solution or why other products may be less effective in the application at-hand.

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