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Part 4: Vortex Titan Series & Loading Solutions Assist at a Large Industrial Sand Operation

April 17, 2019

In 2017, Vortex completed a large project with an industrial sand manufacturer to construct a new sand processing facility. As part of this project, the client sought solutions for:

Diverting sand into screeners, where the sand is sized and then transferred into a series of holding bins.

Loading sand from each holding bin into enclosed trucks below.

Due to the abrasive properties of industrial sand, this client sought reliable components designed for durability and longevity. Having enjoyed the quality of Vortex components when using them in previous projects, this client opted to source 17 Pivoting Chute Diverters, 9 Titan Lined Diverters (TLDs), 5 Titan Slide Gates (TSGs), 5 Vortex Loading Spouts, and 14 Titan Maintenance Gates.

Maintenance Gates at the Loadout Station

Various grades of industrial sand are being loaded from holding bins into enclosed trucks below. In this application, Titan Maintenance Gates are used to isolate the holding bins from the loadout station below, in the case of an upset condition or if loadout maintenance is required.

Size: 20 in | 510 mm

Quantity: 5 Vortex Titan Maintenance Gates


  • Blade constructed from 304 stainless steel. Other material contact areas constructed from 304 stainless steel & carbon steel.
  • Square frame with a round outlet transition.
  • Inlet/outlet flanges constructed from carbon steel.

Nine additional Titan Maintenance Gates are used in other areas throughout the facility, for a total of fourteen Vortex Titan Maintenance Gates. The remaining gates were built to the same specifications but smaller size (10 in | 255 mm).

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