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Case Study

Orifice Gate Handling Polyethylene Resin Powder & Antioxidant Powder

Industrial & residential plastic pipe manufacturer
Size: 3 in | 75 mm & 12 in | 305 mm
Two slide gates were required: one below a gain-in-weight filter receiver, and the other below a loss-in-weight feeder. Both gates are used to batch weigh powders before they are conveyed into a mixer.


  • Each gate is handling a different compound with significant differences in material characteristics. The material in the gain-in-weight receiver (polyethylene resin powder) is slightly sticky, while the material in the loss-in-weight feeder (antioxidant powder) is even stickier.
  • Both gates must be able to seal powder in the presence of differential pressure.
  • Because the client wanted this facility to serve as a showplace, they specified both gates be constructed from 304 stainless steel.


  • Oversized, double-acting air cylinder actuator. Air cylinder is equipped with a magnetic piston, to be used with magnetic reed switches for gate position indication.
  • Gate body, blade & material contact areas constructed from 304 stainless steel.
  • Rated for 180° F | 80° C maximum continuous service.
  • PET pressure plates to address the various degrees of stickiness. The pressure plates are backed with compressed natural rubber load seals.
  • The 3 in | 75 mm gate's blade is electropolished to handle sticky materials.


The client was very impressed with the low profile and sleek look of the Vortex Orifice Gate design. Because they are handling such fine powders, the client is also pleased that the gates do not leak. After six months of operation, the client reported that the system was working flawlessly. They shared:

“Vortex has the ability to manufacture each valve to correctly fit the application where they will be used. We got exactly what we needed!"

Today, this systems group standardizes on Vortex equipment.

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