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Case Study

Loading Spout & Titan Slide Gate (TSG) Handling Spent Foundry Sand

Foundry – Central US
Outlet Scavenger Size: 14 in | 355 mm
A Vortex Titan Slide Gate (TSG) is used to isolate the storage hopper from the loading station. Upon a truck entering the loading station, the Vortex Loading Spout is extended to where the discharge point is within inches of the truck bottom. The TSG is opened to begin the loadout process. As materials fill, the flared skirt encompasses the peak of the material pile. This allows an air withdrawal to capture and remove fine dust particles from the area.


  • Shortened skirt with wider, flared skirt strips.

Results: This Vortex Loading Spout significantly improved indoor air quality as part of an open truck loading process.

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