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Case Study

3 Way Titan Lined Diverter Handling Sand and Aggregates used in Concrete Manufacturing

Concrete and Clay products manufacturer.
This customer uses a Titan Lined Diverter to aid them in the manufacture of high quality pavers, wall systems, outdoor living kits and packaged concrete products.

Improving Material Handling with a 3 Way Titan Lined Diverter

This customer, one of the largest suppliers of concrete masonry products in Western North America, faced a significant challenge in handling sand and aggregates efficiently. To address this, they implemented a 3 way Vortex® Titan Lined Diverter™.

Customer's Experience with Vortex® Titan Lined Diverter™

Reliability in Production Demands

The most critical factor for our client was the ability to reliably direct materials to the correct channels in order to maintain production efficiency.
With the Titan Lined Diverter, our client can select a dedicated screener for different products or reject materials through the center leg if necessary. This capability is essential for meeting production demands without interruptions.
Having reliable material flow to the customer's screeners is crucial for the quality of their products. Consistent and precise delivery of materials ensures that each batch of sand and aggregate maintains the same composition and standards, which directly impacts the integrity and durability of the final concrete masonry products. Any interruption or misdirection in material flow can lead to inconsistencies in the mix, resulting in compromised product quality. By using the Titan Lined Diverter, our client ensures that materials reach the correct screener reliably, thus upholding the high quality and uniformity that their customers expect. This reliability in material handling not only enhances product quality but also instills confidence in their brand.

What Makes the Titan Lined Diverter Different?

The Vortex® Titan Lined Diverter™ is designed to handle heavy-duty and abrasive dry bulk solid materials in gravity-fed applications. Here’s why it stands out:

  • In-Line Maintenance: The removable access panel allows for easy inspection and maintenance without removing the diverter from the process line. This feature significantly reduces downtime.
  • Durable Construction: Made from carbon steel with replaceable abrasion-resistant liners, the diverter ensures prolonged service life even in the most demanding environments.
  • Recessed Blade Design: The blades are shielded from material flow, reducing wear and tear and preventing material leakage into opposite chutes.
  • Sealed Blades and Shafts: Robust blade seals and live-loaded hard polymer blade shaft seals prevent material migration and cross-contamination. These features ensure a positive seal and reduce maintenance frequency.

Technical Details for Z12-3CS-45-MG-HT3-E129054

  • Vortex Model No. Z12-3CS-45-MG-HT3-E129054
  • 12" 3-Way Seal Tite Gravity Diverter.  
  • Valve body and blade are carbon steel.  
  • Removable access cover is provided to service or clean interior while valve remains in service.  
  • Material contact is carbon steel, polymer, and rubber.  
  • (Qty 2) Double acting air cylinder actuators
  • Outlet legs offset 45° from vertical
  • Square inlet and outlets have a drilled flat flange for bolt through connection.
  • (MG) - air cylinder is equipped with a magno-piston for use with magnetic reed position indication switches.
  • (HT3) - Valve is rated for 250˚F(122˚C) maximum continuous service.  Valve has an EPDM blade seal and PET blade shaft seal backed with live loaded silicone sponge rubber.  Enhanced shaft seal and pivot spacer is PET.  External shaft seal is silicone rubber.


Our customers experience with the Vortex® Titan Lined Diverter™ has been positive. The equipment has not only met their expectations but also provided a reliable solution for handling cement and aggregates. Its durable construction, in-line maintenance features, and efficient material handling have made it an invaluable asset in their production process.


Ready to improve your material handling processes? Contact us today to learn how the Vortex® Titan Lined Diverter™ can benefit your operations.

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