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Case Study

Beans...Beans...the Magical Fruit handled by the Vortex Iris Valve


Made with Love!

"Made with love" is a motto that this customer takes to heart. This Vortex customer is a family-owned, privately held organization specializing in organic and non-GMO convenience and frozen foods. It was founded in 1987 and is dedicated to cooking with high-quality, organic ingredients to create delicious, nourishing meals for consumers. Their extensive product line includes over 250 food items, encompassing soups, beans, frozen meals, and snacks. Notably, the company's commitment to organic farming is evident through its vegetarian offerings made with organic ingredients, which have made it a preferred choice among health-conscious consumers.

This company relies on the Vortex Iris valve to regulate the flow of uncooked beans in their bulk bag unloading station. These beans are essential ingredients in a wide range of their products. However, the Iris valve occasionally encounters some difficulties handling the beans, as they can be slightly too heavy for the valve to effectively control the material flow. Ideally, the Iris valve should be able to open and release the entire bag or be paired with another gate, such as an orifice or roller, to better manage the material flow. Despite these challenges, the customer is currently satisfied with the Iris valve's performance. Vortex remains in close contact with this customer to provide ongoing support and is ready to help automate the process with a different equipment setup if they choose to do so.

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