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ATEX rated Quantum Orifice Gate Handling Cellulose

This Quantum orifice valve package includes an ATEX rated Quantum Orifice valve, air control assembly, proximity switches, filter regulator with fail safe tank, exhaust mufflers, and a pre-wired terminal box. This valve will assist our customer with the handling of their cellulose product.



• Aluminum valve body with live loaded, wear compensating seals, a 304 stainless steel blade, main flange, and orifice liners.  Material contact is 304 stainless steel and polymer.

• Oversized double acting air cylinder actuator.

• (PET) - Valve is rated for 180˚F(82˚C) maximum continuous service.  PET pressure plates are backed with a foam void filler and live loaded natural rubber load seals.

• (AP) - Inlet and Outlet Flanges match #125/150 ANSI mounting pattern.  Flanges are aluminum to prevent corrosion due to oxidation and have blind tapped steel thread inserts for bolted customer connection.  Caution: Using a bolt longer than the specified maximum will result in damage to the gate valve.  Consult IOM manual for correct bolt length.

• (MG) - Air cylinder is equipped with a magno-piston for use with magnetic reed position indication switches.

• (PX) - Valve has boss welded into main body to accept proximity switches (required when purchasing inductive proximity switches)

• (AX) - Valve is approved for Ex II 1/2 D Ex h IIIC T100°C Da/Db Tamb -29°C to +40°C (Only internal area of the valve is rated to Category 1).  Valve includes grounding lug, ATEX approved actuator, ATEX IOM and tag with certificate number.  (All actuator, switch, and air control solenoid accessory options must also be ATEX approved.

Pre-wired terminal box and Air Control assembly with exhaust mufflers.
Filter regulator assembly & proximity switches.

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