Vortex Titan Slide Gates Handle Sulfur Prill

Published: October 17, 2019

Size & Weight: 23.5” x 65.5” – approx. 2,000 lbs.

Handling: Sulfur Prill

Location: Florida, USA

Challenge: Handling corrosive sulfur.


  • Abrasion-resistant 440 stainless steel cam adjustable rollers utilized for materials as corrosive as sulfur.
  • Heavy duty valve frame construction is based on 316L stainless steel channel with a beveled, 316L stainless steel blade and liner.
  • Access in the valve frame allows for removal and replacement of bonnet seals while the gate valve remains in service.
  • Hydraulically actuated.

ApplicationVortex Titan Slide Gates (TSGs) are designed to meet the most demanding applications when handling heavy-duty, abrasive materials. In this case, the client sourced custom-rectangular TSGs to handle sulfur in the production of fertilizer.

Vortex was able to match the existing footprint and bolt pattern to save the client money and time and limit downtime. The gates are installed at the bottom of a 6000 ton silo to isolate sulfur as required to conveying system.