Vortex Shortlisted for Export Award

Published: April 11, 2019

DARLINGTON, UK – Vortex Global Limited, a solids and bulk handling components company, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Solids Handling and Processing Association (SHAPA) Export Award.

In order to be considered for the award, companies must demonstrate achievement in their export activities. This may be a percentage increase in exports, or by successfully entering new export market(s).

Vortex was selected as a finalist for the award due to the company’s significant export sales growth in 2018. That included:

  • Africa: 443.95%
  • Asia: 51.93%
  • Europe: 31.04%
  • Oceania: 26.05%

This can be attributed to growth in industry annual spending:

  • Africa: Major projects in the Chemicals & Plastics and Minerals & Metals industries.
  • Asia: Chemicals & Plastics (16.21%) and major projects in the Non-Food Organics and Food & Beverage industries (93.39%).
  • Europe: Chemicals & Plastics (16.77%) and major projects in the Non-Food Organics, Pharmaceuticals, and Food & Beverage industries (79.58%).
  • Oceania: Major projects in the Chemicals & Plastics and Minerals & Metals industries.

Growth for Vortex product lines included:

In 2018, Vortex expanded markets into Finland and revised its sales strategy in the Middle East, contracting with new equipment representatives in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Qatar, as well as nearby Egypt. Vortex revised its sales strategy in Asia as well, contracting with a new equipment representative in India.

In Central America, Vortex relocated its Latin America office from Pachuca, Mexico to Queretaro, Mexico. The move enhances transportation accessibility, in order to travel to clients throughout the region.

For the year, Vortex attended 20 international tradeshows to develop exportation leads:

  • Europe: 13
  • Central America: 5
  • Asia: 1
  • Middle East: 1

“We are honoured to join Russell Finex and Vent-Tech as finalists for this award,” said Travis Young, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Vortex. “SHAPA has been an invaluable resource for Vortex over the years and is an organisation that truly serves the solids processing industry.”

Entry to these awards is open to all UK-registered, SHAPA member and non-member companies and institutions operating in the solids handling and processing industry. The winner will be announced and presented at the SHAPA AGM & Solids Handling Industry Awards Dinner on Wednesday, 8 May, 2019. SHAPA will publicise the award and its winners on its web site, and further publish the information in relevant industry journals.

Click here for the full 2019 SHAPA Solids Handling Industry Awards shortlist. Other contestants include Farleygreene, Lontra, RotaVal, MDS, ProSpare, Dustcheck, and Spirotech SRD.


SHAPA has been the UK’s leading specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry since 1981. Its members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage. This includes conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems, among other equipment.

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