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Mining & Minerals

Many of the products we use every day would not exist without the industrial minerals that are mined and processed. It is estimated that each person born today will consume or use 3.7 million pounds of minerals, metals, and fuels in their lifetime. Vortex is aware of the importance of this industry and, as such, manufactures equipment to handle this vast array of materials.

When handling items like barite, bentonite, clay, diatomite, gravel, gypsum, limestone, sand, silica, and talc, abrasion and wear become a huge factor. Vortex engineers are continually developing gates and diverters that incorporate protective liners made of abrasive resistant steels, polymers, chromium carbide, ceramics, and even strategically placed “rock boxes” to minimize abrasion and allow equipment to last longer in this harsh environment.

Industry experience and product innovation make Vortex a trusted source for the minerals industry.

Why the mining & mineral industries choose Vortex:

  1. Experience – Vortex has been engineering and manufacturing gates, diverters and loading spouts for the mining and mineral industries for decades. Because application parameters in mining and minerals greatly vary, proper modifications to standard valves is the key to getting the most out of your components.
  2. Durability –Our Titan Series valves utilize liners made of hard metals or metal alloys in strategic areas to extend the valve’s service life. Replacing the liners is much easier than replacing the entire valve.
  3. Attention to Maintenance – From the first day your equipment is installed in mining and mineral applications, it begins to wear. At some point in the future, maintenance of the equipment will be required. Plant supervisors and maintenance personnel choose Vortex gates, diverter valves and loading spouts for their easy in-line maintenance features. These features reduce costs associated with downtime and lost production.
  4. Sealing Technology™ – Vortex gates and diverters are engineered to contain the fugitive dust that can create unproductive working conditions and safety hazards from airborne contamination.

Slide Gates, Diverters, and Loading Spout for Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals Case Studies

Diverter Valves

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