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Case Study

Vortex Telescoping Dust Retrieval Spout Handles Dust

Grain Elevator, Midwest USA
14” (355 mm)
The Vortex Hatch Adapter effectively covers one rectangular opening of a rail car equipped with trough loading hatches. As the car is being loaded through a different hatch, a vacuum is created through the Dust Retrieval Spout. This procedure extricates dust created during the loading process and effectively limits the amount of airborne particles that might otherwise escape to the atmosphere.


This Vortex Telescoping Dust Retrieval Spout offers 8’ (2.4 m) of vertical travel. It features an optional 22” x 96” (.55 m x 2.4 m) Vortex Hatch Adapter with a double layered neoprene rubber skirt for product containment. (There are no stacking cones inside the spout.)

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