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Vortex Rounded Blade Gate Added to the Vortex Titan Series

March 3, 2014
News & Updates

Vortex Rounded Blade Gate Added to the Vortex Titan Series

March 3, 2014

Vortex is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Titan Series valve line. The Vortex Rounded Blade Gate is an ideal solution for handling heavy-duty and/or abrasive dry materials in metering applications. Such materials include minerals, industrial sand, fly ash, cement, clinker, coal, gravel, glass, limestone and whole grains, among many others. Further, the Vortex Rounded Blade Gate is designed for use in gravity flow applications where positive material shut-off and dust-tight sealing are required.

Key features of the Vortex Rounded Blade Gate include: 

  • The rounded blade's rapid actuation allows quick start/stop of material flow, making it ideal for controlling flow rates.
  • A seal which is replaceable while the valve remains in-line. This feature significantly reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Precision-cut elastomer seals, to prevent material leakage past the blade or to atmosphere. This provides for a safer and cleaner working environment.
  • Actuation options, including double-acting air cylinder, electric or hydraulic.
  • Abrasion-resistant liners throughout the gate's interior. Liners are replaceable to extend a gate's service life. Similar gates often do not have abrasion-resistant liners. As flowing materials create wear points, holes can form in the gate body. This requires full gate replacement, rather than replacing parts.

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