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Case Study

Vortex Roller Gate Provides Solution for UK Flour Mill

Flour Mill, United Kingdom
500 mm x 630 mm
The client’s particular process uses Vortex Roller Gates to isolate silos from an ongoing conveyor.

The client had experienced problems with the existing valves located on the outlet of their bulk storage silos. The existing valves leaked material and failed to fully open and close. They required constant maintenance and replacement parts with subsequent lost production. The new valves had to be specifically designed to match the opening, bolt hole pattern and overall height of the existing valves to minimize plant downtime during installation. Vortex was able to achieve all of the required parameters.

The Vortex Roller Gate was identified as the ideal solution for this application. The Roller Gate is designed for handling powders, pellets and granules in gravity flow and low-pressure applications.

The Vortex Roller Gate has a number of key features and benefits including:

  • Positive seal of dust and fine powders.
  • No exposed moving parts.
  • Wear-compensating hard polymer seals.
  • Seals that are replaceable in process, minimizing plant downtime.
  • Food safe construction.
  • Carbon frame, 304 stainless steel contact parts.
  • Fully ATEX rated.

For ease of maintenance, the Roller Gate features removable panels on each side of the valve frame so that bonnet seals can be quickly and easily replaced while the valve remains in process. The addition of an optional special service inlet to further assist in diverting material flow away from the guide rollers and seals, can further extend the service life of the valve.

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