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Vortex Receives Award for Plastics Recycling Efforts

August 20, 2018
News & Updates

Vortex Receives Award for Plastics Recycling Efforts

August 20, 2018

In recognition of Vortex’s commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility and making the world a better place, the company was recently presented with the Silver Level Milestone Award by Cope Plastics. The Silver Level award recognizes companies who have achieved a total of 100,000 pounds of recycled industrial plastics. For Vortex, this milestone was reached in just two years.

The Milestone Awards are part of Cope’s Solutions-Based Customer Recycling Award Program (SCRAP), which recognizes companies who are making a conscious effort to recycle surplus plastic materials.

“Vortex has participated in Cope Plastics’ SCRAP program for the past four years,” explained Tim Deines, director of supply chain at Vortex. “In that time, we have recycled more than 150,000 pounds of industrial plastics; 156,650 pounds, to be exact. For comparison, one pound of plastic can make approximately 50 water bottles. Participating in the SCRAP program has been a dual benefit for Vortex because plastics recycling improves our bottom line for production, and it also lessens our environmental impact.”

In 2016, Vortex achieved SCRAP’s Green Level Milestone Award for recycling a total of 50,000 pounds of industrial plastics. The milestone also took just two years to achieve.

“We thank Vortex for their commitment to our SCRAP program,” said Kip Slattery, outside sales representative at Cope Plastics. “With great partners like Vortex, we at Cope take those scrap plastic materials and keep them out of landfills. We have teamed up to recycle nearly 80 tons of industrial plastics, so Vortex is a major contributor to our program’s success. Our children, grandchildren, and other future generations will really appreciate companies like Vortex, and will thank us for our commitment to preserving a beautiful, sustainable environment.”

But plastics recycling is just one of the many ways Vortex works to lessen its environmental impact.

Worldwide, Vortex employees are also taking part in personal recycling initiatives to improve the environments we live in. This includes Vortex’s headquarters in Salina, Kansas, USA, as well as its global offices in Darlington, UK; Pachuca, Mexico; and Shanghai, China. Through these efforts, Vortex is committed to its community, conserving resources, and protecting the environment. As a part of our core values – Respect, Integrity, Humility and Passion – Vortex is willing and eager to reduce its ecological footprint, so that there will be a healthy world for future generations.

“We look forward to continuing these efforts at Vortex and hope to identify many other opportunities, in order to leave a positive mark on the world around us,” said Deines.

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