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Case Study

Vortex Quick Clean Gate Handling Ground Cheese

Cheese processor – Wisconsin, USA
4 in. (102 mm)
Source a process gate above a feed pump line. In this client’s process, ground cheese will be fed into a feed pump line by gravity flow. The gate will remain open during the fill process and close once the feed pump is turned off below. The gate’s purpose is to stop flow, so that excess cheese in the fill line does not fall into the feed pump line below. Because the gate is handling food materials, it is essential that the gate be well-designed for thorough and frequent wash-down after production line runs.


  • Valve is USDA Dairy Standard-accepted.
  • Valve body constructed from 304 stainless steel.
  • Blade constructed from 316 stainless steel.
  • Electropolished blade.
  • Material contact areas constructed from 316 stainless steel & PET polymer.
  • Seal plates are constructed from PET polymer & “live loaded” using sanitary sponge rubber. The “live load” ensures that as the PET seals experience frictional wear after many actuations over time, the sponge rubber load seals continuously force the seal plates against the blade to maintain the gate’s dust-tight seal.
  • Interior surface of the valve’s inlet & outlet flanges are polished to a #4 finish.
  • Actuated using a double-acting air cylinder. Cylinder’s shaft, tie rods & barrels nuts are constructed from 303 stainless steel.
  • Rated for continuous service in product temperatures no greater than 100˚ F (38˚ C).
  • Must be hand-cleaned in treatment solutions at temperatures no greater than 180˚ F (82˚ C).
  • Ferrule connections at the inlet & outlet.
  • Air cylinder is equipped with a magnetic piston to accommodate magnetic reed switches. This allows for blade position indication.


The Vortex Quick Clean Gate is critical to any sanitary manufacturing process, and especially to Food & Beverage industries. Along the lateral aspects of the gate, the Quick Clean Gate features a total of 6 quick-lock mechanisms. Once the gate is removed from service, by simply loosening the nuts & lifting each quick-lock handle, the Quick Clean Gate can be disassembled without the use of tools. Once disassembled, the gate’s internal mechanisms can all be removed for inspection, sanitation or replacement. Once internal maintenance is complete, the Quick Clean Orifice Gate can be instantly reassembled, the quick-lock mechanisms can be re-tightened & the gate can be re-installed into service in a matter of minutes. In essence, the Vortex Quick Clean Gate was designed to minimize downtime and improve valve access, to ensure safety & longevity in sanitary environments.

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