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Vortex Improves its Clear Action Gate

October 14, 2013

Since its original release more than 30 years ago, the Vortex Clear Action Gate has been a reliable valve for handling powders, pellets and granules in gravity flow or pneumatic conveying applications. Though it can be used in many applications, the Vortex Clear Action Gate is the ideal slide gate to be placed above a rotary airlock valve.

The most notable improvements made in the Vortex Clear Action Gate design include: 

  • A sealed body. This design revision is essential to preventing leakage of air, materials and dusts to atmosphere.
  • An updated air purge assembly, to further reduce material migration into the gate's bonnet area.
  • A shimming system has been added for easy, in-line maintenance. As the gate's hard polymer seals experience frictional wear from many actuations over time, shims can be added/removed from the lateral aspects of the gate to restore the compression load between the blade and polymer seals.

Other key features include:

  • A machined, square-edged blade to mechanically clear materials away from the sealing surfaces on each closing cycle. This allows materials to discharge into the process line below, instead of building up in the seals.
  • Open cavities where materials would collect in typical slide gate designs have been eliminated in the Vortex Clear Action Gate design.
  • Square & round flange options and custom bolt hole patterns allow the Vortex Clear Action Gate to match up with any rotary airlock valve in the industry, as well as other equipment above and below the gate.
  • Modifications are available to address handled material temperatures.
  • Durable metal materials of construction options are available to address handled material characteristics.
  • Variable positioning assemblies are available, to allow metering control.

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