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Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Israel

August 1, 2017
News & Updates

Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Israel

August 1, 2017
Pladot Headquarters

Vortex, a solids and bulk handling components company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Pladot as its exclusive representative agent in Israel.

"Vortex sees Pladot as a valuable asset to our global service network because their core values complement ours," explained Laurence Millington, managing director at Vortex Global Limited. "Both companies have created traditions of manufacturing quality, engineering innovation, complex product development, and customization."

Millington continued:

"Many of Israel's leading food and beverage companies are among Pladot's vast and diverse customer base. This is a market opportunity we at Vortex are excited by. For other industries, Pladot's extensive experience and industry knowledge ensures they will be a reliable and responsive resource to Vortex clients in the Israeli market.

"Vortex is excited to have Pladot as part of our global service network. Their assets will encourage sales growth and will further market competitiveness for both companies." 

About Pladot

Pladot has designed and produced mechanical and hydraulic systems since 1945. The company specializes in conveyors and conveying systems, process tanks, screw feeders, washing machines and other mechanical solutions. Pladot provides solutions for food and beverage, agriculture, dairy, packaging, processing, security, wineries, wastewater treatment, and more.

Pladot is certified to ISO 9001 and Level A supplier standards. The family-owned company currently employs 40 engineers.

Pladot can be contacted at: 

Ein Harod Meuhad

Tel: +972 46485 350
email: pladot@pladot.co.il
Web: www.pladot.com

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