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Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Germany

January 13, 2016
News & Updates

Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Germany

January 13, 2016

Vortex, a solids and bulk handling components company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adams Industrievertretungen as its exclusive representative agent in Germany. Adams Industrievertretungen has a strong presence throughout Germany, with locations in Gernsbach, Mönsheim, Heilbronn, Augsburg and Ludwigshafen.

"Adams Industrievertretungen has valuable knowledge and has provided great process solutions in the food, chemical, plastic, cosmetic, mineral and pharmaceutical industries," said Laurence Millington, international sales manager at Vortex. "They are dedicated to offering our clients the best processing solutions on the market. We believe Adams Industrievertretungen will be an excellent strategic supplier for Vortex."

Adams Industrievertretungen has been very successful as the professional link between machinery suppliers, equipment, services, and end users. With 36 years of experience in the material handling industries, Adams Industrievertretungen uses extensive application knowledge and complementary products to advise beyond the client's request.

"Our philosophy at Adams Industrievertretungen is: 'To serve customers with passion,'" said Heiko Adams, founder of Adams Industrievertretungen. "Our goal is: 'To permanently satisfy customers through our advice and the mediated products of our partners.' We consider our partners thoroughly to see whether important criteria are met, so that customers can expect a smooth operation." 

Adams Industrievertretungen can be contacted at: 

Adams Industrievertretungen
Bleichstrasse 34-36
76593 Gernsbach

Tel: +49 7224 62350 0
email: info@adams-iv.de
Web: www.adams-iv.de

Click here to learn more about Adams Industrievertretungen.

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