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Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Denmark

August 20, 2015
News & Updates

Vortex Announces New Representative Agent in Denmark

August 20, 2015

Vortex is pleased to announce the appointment of Mespo ApS as its exclusive representative agent in Denmark. Mespo sells high quality components, machines and customized solutions for powder handling manufacturers, such as DMN Westinghouse, Filcoflex, Spiroflow and Greenwood Magnetics.

"We are very pleased toadd Meso to our group of representative agents," said Laurence Millington, director of international business at Vortex. "Mespo has a great cooperation with many manufacturers of powder processing equipment around Europe. With its convenient location in Ringsted on Zealand, Mespo can respond to our Danish clients' needs in a short amount of time." 

Mespo founder Bo Christoffersen's background is more than 20 years in the powder handling industry, as well as extensive experience and knowledge of powder technologies and application installations.

"The satisfaction of our clients is essential to ensuring the future of our work," explained Christoffersen. "The selection of quality components and our suppliers' expertise provides the basis for doing just that. Based on a close dialog with our clients, Mespo provides the best possible solution by means of functionality, quality and price – each time." 

Mespo can be contacted at: 

Mespo ApS
DK-4100 Ringsted

Tel: + 45 42 91 41 00
email: bc@mespo.dk
Web: www.mespo.dk

Click here to learn more about Mespo ApS.

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