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Case Study

Titan Slide Gate Handling Granite in a Rock Quarry

A regional miner and supplier of aggregate-based construction materials, used to construct highways and railroads. The gate is being used at the rock quarry.
Size: 24 in | 610 mm 
Application: Shut off material flow beneath a silo. The silo is being used at a truck loading station.


  • Gate body & material contact areas constructed from carbon steel.
  • Blade & replaceable liners constructed from 400 Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) abrasion-resistant (AR) steel.
  • The leading edge of the blade is beveled and the standard end seal is replaced with a displacement pocket. With this design, materials remaining at the leading edge of the blade upon gate closure are allowed to fall away into the conveying line below, rather than packing into a true end seal.
  • Cam-adjustable rollers constructed from hardened steel.
  • On the sides of the gate, milled access slots allow for bonnet seal replacement while the valve remains in-line. As new bonnet seals are driven into the slot, the worn bonnet seals are simultaneously ejected out the other side of the gate.
  • Double-acting air cylinder actuator is equipped with a magnetic piston, to be used with magnetic reed switches for gate position indication.

Challenge:  Source a slide gate that offers long service life when handling abrasive materials.

Material Size:  3/4 in | 20 mm


In late 2009, the client was having service life issues with the gates then used to handle abrasive granite rock materials. They contacted Vortex to discuss alternative solutions for longer service life. At the time, Vortex was developing a new gate specifically designed to handle abrasive materials. Vortex viewed this application as an excellent opportunity for research and development.

The gate was installed in February 2010. Over a two-year period, Vortex worked directly with the client to implement minor design changes that enhanced the gate's performance. Several changes were considered and incorporated to conceive what is now known as the Vortex Titan Slide Gate.

The client has been impressed with the Titan Slide Gate's performance in handling their material. The Titan Slide Gate offers much improved lifecycle costs for industries that wear out and replace equipment quite frequently.

“Finding equipment that offers longer life is always on our minds. The Vortex gate is providing exactly that!” – Plant Superintendent

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