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Case Study

Titan Slide Gate Handling Bituminous Coal

Coal Fired Energy Plant, Southeast US
35” x 41” (889 mm x 1041 mm) | 1100 lbs. (499 kg)
The gates will be mounted at the side of two holding bins. They will introduce coal to a conveyor belt located directly beneath the bins. The belt transports the coal to a size reduction mill.The blades can be positioned to limit the depth of coal on the belt to keep the mill from being flooded with material. In the closed position, the blade is within ½” (13 mm) of the conveyor belt.

These electrically actuated Vortex Titan Slide Gates feature 9” (228 mm) carbon steel frames, ¾” (19 mm) abrasion resistant steel blades (400 BHN), with a special 51.5° side frame mount that is minus an end frame.

The gates are painted with a special epoxy that resists reaction to sulfur (present in the coal).

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