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Case Study

Titan Slide Gate Assists at Gold Mine Handling Pebble Lime

Gold Mine, Nevada
24” (610 mm) – 443 lbs. (201 kg)
Two Vortex Titan Slide Gates are part of this unique loading system (1). Limestone is fed through a weigh belt feeder until there is a desired amount of material on the belt (2). The belt transports the limestone to a hopper at the end of the conveyor (3). Haul trucks loaded with 340 tons of gold ore drive under the hopper. Drivers use a garage door opener to open the gate at the bottom of the hopper and dispense the limestone on top of the ore (4). The load is transported to a leaching pad to begin the gold extraction process. Loading is fast (the next batch of limestone is ready within 60 seconds) and drivers never have to leave the confines of their truck.


The Vortex Titan Slide Gate features a heavy-duty carbon steel channel frame and abrasion resistant steel blade.

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