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Case Study

Three-Way Titan Lined Diverter to Handle Hot Stucco

Wall Board Manufacturer, Central US
16” (406 mm) – 1200 lbs. (544 kg)
The diverter replaces a problematic diverter that did not adequately seal the hot material (350° F – 177° C) and created actuation problems. Hot stucco powder is transferred from a kiln to a storage bin. The diverter is mounted beneath that bin. The diverter’s straight leg directs material from the bin to a wall board processing line. The left leg is utilized for clean out and the right leg makes it possible to add a future processing line.

This Vortex 3-way Titan-Lined Diverter features replaceable, interior liners constructed of abrasion-resistant steel (400BHN) to combat wear from the material handled. The two blades, special inlet transition (connecting the diverter to the storage bin), and square to round outlets are constructed of abrasion resistant steel for the same reason.

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