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Case Study

Vortex Loading Spouts & Aero-Slide Conveyors Handling Calcium Carbonate

Minerals producer – Illinois, USA
Loadout into trucks and rail cars.
A Vortex Loading Spout with a Self-Sealing Discharge closed over the outlet scavenger.

This company had experienced many successful years of Vortex gates and diverter valves sealing the fine material they handle. Given the many maintenance hours spent, additional cost of parts, and lost production time experienced with spouts that were currently being used, the company engineering manager was especially eager to learn more about Vortex's newly released Loading Solutions line.

Two Vortex Loading Spouts were ordered for a new truck and rail load out bay.


  • Both spouts equipped with a Self-Sealing Discharge. As the spout is positioned for loading, the discharge opens to allow material flow. When retracted, the discharge seals this fine material within the confines of the sleeve – further controlling potential dust emissions.
  • Four-cable hoist drive system for maximum spout stability.
  • Three-piece, computer numerical controls (CNC)-machined pulleys to reduce cable wear.
  • 10-year cable warranty.

Vortex also provided two custom-length Aero-Slide Conveyors to convey materials from holding bins to the load out area.


  • Equipped with an air supply port, inspection ports, and clean-out ports.
  • Sections are bolted together to provide the conveyor's total length.
  • A grate separates the upper and lower chamber, to support the porous media. A durable steel grate provides enhanced media support versus a typical flexible screen.
“Vortex definitely did their homework with their new loading products. This will be our go-to spout line as we replace units or address future loadout expansions.” – Spokesperson from this minerals producer

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