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Case Studies

Seal Tite Diverter Handling Metallic Powders

July 3, 2017
Case Studies

Seal Tite Diverter Handling Metallic Powders

July 3, 2017
Additives manufacturer
Product Quantity:
Dust collection and Bulk bag loading

Material: Metallic stearates.

Challenge: Provide a diverter capable of sealing fine metal powders.


Ranging from granules to fine powders, metallic stearates are used in industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and plastics. Mettallic stearates are used as additives primarily for lubrication, stabilization, or as a gelling agent.

A leading manufacturer of metallic stearates required diverter valves for two areas of its operation. In the primary application, the powder is discharged from a blender to a screw conveyor. From the screw conveyor, the powder flows through a Seal Tite Diverter to either of two 50 lbs. – (23 kgs.) bagging machines.

The secondary application involves a dust collection system. Discharge from the dust collector flows through a Seal Tite Diverter, which allows the material collected in the filter to either be added back into the mixer, or diverted into a container for disposal.

In both applications, the Seal Tite Diverter was selected for its ability to seal fine powders. Three modifications were made to this Seal Tite Diverter’s design: a straight-line valve body, a carbon steel valve construction, and square-to-round valve transitions with custom bolt hole patterns. These modifications were specified for abrasion resistance and easy valve installation.

To meet the plant’s standards, appropriate solenoids and switches were specified for Class II Division 2 (Hazardous Location).

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