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Case Studies

Roller Gate Assists in the Brewing Process

March 2, 2017
Case Studies

Roller Gate Assists in the Brewing Process

March 2, 2017
Victory Brewing – Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Product Quantity:
Discharge different types of barley from individual holding bins, through a mechanical conveying system, into a batch hopper.


  • Oversized, double-acting pneumatic air cylinder actuator, for quicker actuation.
  • Equipped with a Variable Position Open (VPO) Assembly. The client specified these gates actuate from full close, to 50% (on the opening stroke only), to full open. The VPO Assembly is equipped with a threaded rod along the pneumatic air cylinder, which can be manually adjusted at any time to limit the opening stroke to a different specification. The purpose of a VPO Assembly is to prevent flooding the conveyor below.
  • Positive material shut-off.
  • Dust-tight sealing capabilities.
  • On the sides of the gate, a milled access slot allows for bonnet seal replacement while the valve remains in-line. As new bonnet seals are driven into the slot, the worn bonnet seals are simultaneously ejected out the other side of the gate.

Challenge: In the past, the client used gates with unregulated openings and slow closure. Because of this lack of control, barley tended to flood the system and create issues with beer recipes.

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