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Q&A with: Andreas Gelbarth, Technical Sales at Adams Industrievertretungen

June 20, 2018
News & Updates

Q&A with: Andreas Gelbarth, Technical Sales at Adams Industrievertretungen

June 20, 2018

Q. What has it been like to work with Vortex?

Andreas Gelbarth, Technical Sales,
Adams Industrievertretungen

A. The communications shared between Adams Industrievertretungen and the technical sales engineers at Vortex Global are very good. At any point, we can call our friends in Darlington, UK and we will always find someone who is ready to listen to our questions and discuss ongoing projects. Regardless of how this communication is established – via email, telephone or Face Time – Vortex Global is always there.

Q. What is your opinion of the products & services offered through Vortex?

A. Vortex products are well-designed and have several helpful features. Therefore, benefits such as product life cycle and ease of maintenance are interesting to the market. If a customer has problems with their existing slide gates, diverters or loading spouts, their interest is piqued once they view Vortex product animations to see these benefits demonstrated.

Q. What makes Vortex special, in comparison to the other lines Adams Industrievertretungen represents?

A. Vortex Global’s internal processes are streamlined and very good. Their reaction time in preparing quotations is unprecedented by most other principals in the industry. Adams Industrievertretungen receives very quick responses from the Vortex Global team.

Q. What does Adams Industrievertretungen value most about their relationship with Vortex?

A. We are proud to represent Vortex because they are not simple, standard product lines. Vortex products are specifically designed to represent a technical benefit for customers. We also admire that with Vortex products, we do not feel limited in our application abilities. If a customer requests an engineered solution, we are able to discuss the application with Vortex and, often times, they will design equipment that is unique and specific to that customer’s process.

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