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New High-Temperature and/or High-Pressure Slide Gate

March 31, 2014

Vortex is pleased to announce the release of its new, patent-protected Titan Pressure Valve, a slide gate engineered for high-pressure applications up to 100 psi | 6.8 bar, and/or high-temperature applications up to 660° F | 350° C. It may be used in gravity flow, dilute phase or dense phase pneumatic conveying applications. Materials commonly handled by the Titan Pressure Valve include cement, clinker, coal, fly ash, sand, gravel, glass and limestone, among many others.

Key features of the Vortex Titan Pressure Valve include: 

  • Spring-loaded blade guides create a "rising blade" action throughout gate closure. This ensures a positive seal of air, materials and dusts across the gate and to atmosphere. This design also prevents the leading edge of the blade from jamming or packing materials into the end seat.
  • Replaceable end seat, to extend a gate's service life.
  • Ductile iron housing.
  • An air gap between the gate body and the double-acting air cylinder actuator, to prevent heat carryover when handling high temperature materials.
  • Sealed body with an air purge, to prevent material migration into the gate body. Otherwise, actuation issues may occur.

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