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Case Study

Maintenance Gate Handling Solvent/Talc Mixture

Company policy dictates name cannot be used.
8″ (200 mm) Weight: 90 lbs (40 kgs)
Find a solution to better contain vapor emissions when handling solvent/talc mixtures. Customize to be equipped with pneumatic actuation.


Aluminum body with 304 stainless steel material contact and an electro-polished blade. Manufactured with an air cylinder to replace the standard hand crank.


The customer currently has six Quantum Maintenance Gates installed in their manufacturing system, with an extra gate on-hand for rotation into their process. Actuating 5-6 times per day, the customer selected Maintenance Gates for their ability to seal to atmosphere, thus containing chemical vapors. The customer has had these gates installed maintenance-free for more than three years, and seek to purchase more in the future for their durability and dependability. Using data application and thorough response to customer desires, Vortex was able to abnormally execute a valve design to effectively find a material handling solution.

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