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Case Studies

Loading Spout Handles White Malt Barley

April 3, 2017
Case Studies

Loading Spout Handles White Malt Barley

April 3, 2017
Simpsons Malt – Northumberland, United Kingdom
Product Quantity:
Retracted: 5’ (1,540 mm) – Extended: 14’ (4,285 mm)
Supply a new, retractable loading spout for loading white malt barley into an open truck at a rate of 60 tonnes per hour (66 US tons per hour).


Material contact = 235 brinell hardness number (BHN) abrasion-resistant steel. Noncontact = mild steel. Dust sleeve = vinyl coated polyester. A discharge skirt made of neoprene rubber contains dust at the point of loading. The spout auto-retracts using an integral tilt probe limit switch and timer. Dust is suppressed through an existing remote dust collection system, which is connected to a spigot on the body of the loading spout.


Vortex Loading Spouts operate using a four-cable hoist drive system. The system incorporates custom, computerized numerical control (CNC)-machined three-piece cable pulleys, and heavy-duty idler rollers with sealed bearings. Unique to other providers, Vortex includes a 10-year cable warranty on its loading spout solutions to account for cable wear and tear.
However, if for any reason a hoist cable should break, a Vortex Loading Spout can still function on the three remaining cables until repairs are made.

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