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Technical Articles

How Does the Clear Action Gate Minimize Material Build-Up?

June 14, 2019
Technical Articles

How Does the Clear Action Gate Minimize Material Build-Up?

June 14, 2019
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A technical Q & A with Shawn Opat, Regional Sales Director, Vortex

Recently, a potential customer approached us with this question:

Q. How does the Vortex Clear Action Gate minimize material build-up?

A. The sealing design is one of the primary features of the Vortex Clear Action Gate. Generally speaking, it is unique to other slide gate valves because it seals against pressures below. This makes it especially beneficial in pneumatic conveying applications where a slide gate is installed above or below a rotary airlock valve.

As it relates to minimizing material build-up, the Vortex Clear Action Gate has a few unique design features:

1. The gate's square-edged sliding blade mechanically clears materials away from the side seals with each closing stroke.

2. The Clear Action Gate's bonnet seals prevent material carryover on each opening stroke. This is done by wiping both the top and bottom of the blade.

3. The Vortex Clear Action Gate can be modified with an optional air purge assembly (pictured), especially when handling powders and other fine materials.

The solid aluminum covers are gasketed with silicone rubber and a 1/4" NPT | G 1/4 purge port is tapped into the upper bonnet area. The air purge assembly is used to pressurize the bonnet, creating a higher wall of pressure and thus, keeping material from migrating into the bonnet. Taking exception to the air purge may allow fine materials to enter the bonnet over time. This may affect wear and can cause actuation issues.

Air Purge Port

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