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Case Study

Halar Coated Vortex Seal Tite Diverter to Handle Acid Flake

Chemicals company
10” (254 mm)
In this application, the customer specified Halar coating over other liner options due to past success with this product on chutes and other equipment they have in service. The customer requested an epoxy coated air cylinder to protect from corrosiveness as it is a more economical option and requires a shorter lead time than a stainless steel air cylinder.

  • 3/16” minimum radii on internal corners allowing for seamless internal product contact surface with 100% continuous internal weld. 
  • All internal areas are Halar coated to address the corrosive nature of the material being handled. 
  • Valve body and blade are 316L stainless steel. Material contact is 316L stainless steel, polymer, and rubber. 
  • Removable access cover is provided to service or clean interior while valve remains in service. 
  • Epoxy coated double acting air cylinder actuator with stainless steel piston rod, tie rod and tie rod nuts. 
  • Straight through flow design, with one offset leg. 

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