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Case Study

Gravity Vee Diverter Handling Kitty Litter Fragrance

International conglomerate company
6 in | 150 mm
Previously, the client was using a flap diverter to divert a fragrance ingredient. The fragrance itself is quite sticky and would build up in the diverter and other system components.


  • Diverter body constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Blades, material contact areas & round inlet/outlet transitions constructed from 304 stainless steel.
  • Blades are electropolished to handle sticky materials & accommodate wash-down.
  • Outlet legs offset 60° from center.
  • Removable access panels constructed from 1/4 in | 6 mm thickness Lexan polycarbonate.
  • Oversized, double-acting air cylinder actuator. Air cylinder is equipped with a magnetic piston, to be used with magnetic reed switches for gate position indication.
Clear polycarbonate removable access panels.


This client became acquainted with Vortex equipment three years prior to this request. Their successes with the Vortex Orifice Gate led them to consult their local Vortex representative about a new valve-related problem they were having.

As mentioned, the client previously used a flap diverter. They liked the idea of using a Vortex Seal Tite Diverter as a direct replacement using similar equipment. In particular, they enjoyed the Seal Tite Diverter’s removable access panel, which allows interior inspection and/or maintenance to be performed while the valve remains in-line. However, after researching the Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter, they were attracted to its dual-blade design with independent controls. This allows materials to be routed toward both destinations simultaneously, either destination independently, or both closed for a positive material shut-off. The ability to divert independently or simultaneously offered greater flexibility for their process. Previously, the client had a slide gate above the flap diverter so that the flap could be shifted without closing through a flowing column of material. Because the Gravity Vee Diverter can provide that same positive material shut-off, it would eliminate the need for an additional gate above.

Because of the material’s stickiness, the client was still attracted to the clean-in-place feature and hoped the two diverter design concepts could be merged.

Engineers from the client’s plant visited the Vortex facility. The two engineering teams collaborated and imagined a design with removable access panels on both outlet legs. The polycarbonate removable access panels allow for quick visual inspection and easy interior access, if clean-out becomes necessary.

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