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Case Studies

Flex Tube Diverter Handling Ground Coffee

July 25, 2016
Case Studies

Flex Tube Diverter Handling Ground Coffee

July 25, 2016
Ground coffee producer – East Coast USA
Source equipment for a new plant expansion.


  • Three-way diverting design.
  • Outlet ports 1 & 3 are offset from one another.
  • Outlet port 2 (the center port) was extended 11 in | 280 mm


In 2000, a systems group was working with a major coffee distributor. The systems group contacted Vortex to discuss the possibility of installing Vortex Flex Tube Diverters. The client liked the cleanliness of the Flex Tube Diverter and the elimination of possible material cross-contamination. A three-way diverting design also provided flexibility in this particular operation.


Vortex knew the Flex Tube Diverter could handle ground coffee. Vortex also advised that the Flex Tube Diverters not be shifted through a flowing column of material – also known as, "shifting on the fly." 

The client had informed Vortex that the system would regularly run at 8 – 10 psig | .55 – .69 barg, and could potentially spike to 15 psig | 1.03 barg, at times.

Less than six months later, the client was encountering problems with the diverters and reached back out to Vortex. Apparently, the system was seeing considerably more pressure than was originally indicated when the valves were supplied. This caused each diverter's flexible hose to come loose from its mounting stubs.

Vortex engineers and field service technicians made three separate trips to the facility to assess the problem and make modifications to fix this problem in all 39 Flex Tube Diverters. While investigating the problems in the Flex Tube Diverters, it became apparent that there were problems in other areas of the system.

Both the end user and the systems group appreciated Vortex's quick response to identify and resolve the issue.

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