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Case Studies

Fill Pass Diverter Handling Flour

April 15, 2016
Case Studies

Fill Pass Diverter Handling Flour

April 15, 2016
Product Quantity:
Transport flour via a closed-loop pneumatic conveying system. The client is conveying flour from a mill storage silo through a blending facility, where ingredients were added into 12 storage bins. At the three packing stations, four storage bins feed each packer to dispense flour mixture into bags ranging from 30-50 lb | 15-20 kg each. The goal was to speed production to between 80,000- 100,000 lb/hr | 36,285-45,360 kg/hr, and to improve sanitation within the facility. The top filter on each individual storage bin was a source of potential infestation.


  • Each valve is equipped with an Air Purge Assembly to prevent fine materials from migrating into the gate's bonnet area.


Company project engineers were familiar with Vortex valves. This facility had previously installed Wye Line Diverters at its rail load-out station and was pleased with the service they provided.

The client likes the Fill Pass Diverter's many design benefits. Those include a positive seal of materials and dusts, reduced fill times, and self-cleaning valve mechanics.

Through the new closed-loop system, sanitation inspections could be done at the system’s common filter receiver, rather than at each individual filter.

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