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Case Studies

Fill Pass Diverter Handling Calcium Carbonate

December 19, 2018
Case Studies

Fill Pass Diverter Handling Calcium Carbonate

December 19, 2018
Plastic pipe manufacturer
The client consulted an equipment supplier to discuss their delivery system for weighing individual ingredients. In their process, operators were manually lifting, opening and emptying 50 lb bags of calcium carbonate into holding bins. From the holding bins, materials were discharged into dry mixers. In this manual process, employee health was a concern because regularly lifting the heavy bags could cause injury. To eliminate the manpower, the equipment supplier suggested pneumatically conveying calcium carbonate into individual weigh hoppers, located above each mixer. The client liked the idea, but was concerned by the extreme abrasion that would result from high material transfer speeds. Additional considerations included: prevent materials from migrating into the body of the valve, source durable materials of construction to address the abrasiveness of the material handled. The equipment supplier had worked on a similar application in a different facility and found the Vortex Fill Pass Diverter was the best solution.


  • Valve body is tapped with an air purge to prevent material migration into the body of the valve.
  • Both wye weldments are reinforced with a hardened coating, for added protection against material-assisted abrasion.


With the addition of the Vortex Fill Pass Diverter to their new system, the client has significantly increased efficiency and has cut costs in its manufacturing process.

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