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Fall 2022 Bulk Solid Material Handling Courses

September 14, 2022

The Bulk Solid Innovation Center at Kansas State University and the Wolfson Centre at the University of Greenwich have announced their fall 2022 course schedules for the bulk solids material handling industry.

Kansas State University’s Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) in Salina, Kansas serves customers by offering innovative solutions that enhance productivity through ground-breaking research, product testing, and global education related to bulk solids storage, flow and conveying.

Online courses being offered by the BSIC in 2022 cover the basics of pneumatic conveying. BSIC will also be offering an in-person, three-day course in advanced pneumatic conveying. For a full list of courses offered, click here.

The Wolfson Centre at the University of Greenwich, located in the United Kingdom, offers consultancy, research and short courses for industries that handle powder or granular materials as part of their processes.

Various aspects of bulk material handling will be covered in the Wolfson Centre’s 2022 courses, including pneumatic conveying, storage of bulk materials, general bulk materials handling and other specialist areas of concern. For a full list of courses offered, click here.

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