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Case Studies

Dual Cylinder Roller Gate Handling Pet Food

Pet Food Manufacturer, Italy
Product Quantity:

Vortex Dual Cylinder Roller Gate

Gravity flow discharge of partially processed feed meal from storage bin to conveyor

Challenge: Eliminate weekly maintenance downtime exhausting a day’s worth of labor

Results: Before installing Vortex valves, a key player in the European pet food market had a messy and expensive clean up operation scheduled every Saturday to clear away leakage below eight silos.

The customer fitted eight, 750mm (30 inch) Vortex Dual Cylinder Roller Gate valves for its dust tight seal and space saving design. The Dual Cylinder Roller Gates were constructed of 304 stainless steel and with blank flanges that were drilled on site to match the customer’s existing bolt pattern.

Other modifications included a special service inlet and hardened steel rollers (-HS) to accommodate the abrasiveness of the material and the humidity in the environment. For position indication, the customer opted for bonnet mounted proximity switches.

Since fitting Vortex valves, the area has remained spotless and the weekend cleaning schedule has been cancelled.

The Dual Cylinder Roller Gates have already made an enormous difference to the factory’s production line. In the customer’s own words, “We have finally found the solution!”

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