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Case Studies

Aggregate Diverters Handling Industrial Sand

July 25, 2016
Case Studies

Aggregate Diverters Handling Industrial Sand

July 25, 2016
Client: Industrial minerals producer – Colorado, USA
Size: 14 in | 355 mm
Application: Divert industrial sand from a bucket elevator into three storage tanks at a railcar unloading/truck loading station.


  • Dead pocket inlet
  • Honeycomb/"rock box" liner along the bucket blade & outlet legs.

Challenge: Locate a diverter valve able to withstand the abrasion associated with handling a large volume of abrasive product. Industrial sand is a high silica content quartz sand, used to create underground fractures where oil and gas can be recovered.


These diverters were installed in summer 2008. Since then, the valves have handled more than one million tons of sand. During the first four years of operation, an estimated 520,000 tons of industrial sand had been handled.

The client estimates the new facility will save them USD$500,000/year. A USD$20,000 monthly savings was immediately realized over previous railcar demurrage costs. Now, truck drivers – who are paid by the load – are able to turn an increasing number of loads each day. There is now huge potential for increased sales.

UPDATE: The chutework below the diverter has required periodic repair and has been replaced twice due to abrasion. No maintenance has been performed on either of the Vortex diverter valves.

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