Loading Spout Handling PET Plastic Flake

Published: November 8, 2019

Size: 20″ (508 mm)

Handling: PET Plastic Flake

Location: Plastic Compounder, Alabama, USA

FeaturesThis telescoping loading spout utilizes a basic four cable design and is a predecessor of the current Vortex Model VES-40.

Application: Installed in 2010, this spout has been utilized on daily basis since installation to gravity transfer PET plastic flake from a storage silo into enclosed, dry bulk semi-tankers.

Approximately 12-15 trailers are loaded each week.

The spout has provided the client with unsurpassed reliability from the day of its installation and commissioning without any maintenance (i.e. hoist drive failures, cable pulley malfunctions, electrical issues, etc).